An Intervention Order was served to me by police. What does it mean?

What does it mean when the police serve you with an Intervention Order?

An Intervention Order, means someone (the respondent) has been accused of some form of family violence. This can include physical and mental abuse and even financial abuse.

If the police serve you with an Intervention Order it is important that you take the matter seriously.

In the first instance, you will either be served with an application (which could have been applied for by a family member or by the police on a family member’s behalf), or an interim Intervention Order.

If you are served with an interim Intervention Order you need to understand the conditions that apply to you. Although an Intervention Order is a civil matter, if you breach this order, you may face criminal charges.

The application or order will give you details of the first court hearing including the time and address of the court. Intervention Order hearings are heard in the Magistrates Court. You must attend the hearing, if you do not, a final order may be made against you without further notice.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with such matters. We can assist by explaining the conditions in the interim order and represent you at the first hearing.

The first hearing is called a directions hearing.

It gives you and the applicant an opportunity to try and negotiate. Unless the matter can be resolved at the first hearing, it is likely that further direction hearings will be held and ultimately a final hearing. In our experience if you are appropriately represented at the first hearing you will have a better opportunity to resolve the matter by way of negotiation.

Where the matter is not resolved the applicant may be ordered to provide further details about their complaint, and you will have an opportunity to respond to their allegations in writing. This process is known as further and better particulars.

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