We understand that this is a particularly sensitive topic for most people and finding a reliable professional to carry out your last wishes can feel daunting. Drafting an accurate Will that clearly outlines your last wishes is very important no matter how young or old you are.

Whilst it may be a little unsettling to plan your own Will, it is something that needs to be done to ensure your family and loved ones are not left with the financial burden of managing your assets/debts themselves.

Be in control of what happens to your estate once you are gone. Choose the right person to take on the role of executor. This is the person who essentially steps in your shoes and has the power to control your estate. They manage it and distribute it according to your wishes.

Our lawyers will provide you with advice as to what is required in a Will for it to be valid, who may contest a will if they are not provided for and assist you in estate planning.

Deceased Estates

When someone dies and they owned property, had funds in the bank, superannuation, shares or any other asset and/or liabilities (debts) an application will need to be made for either Probate (where the deceased had a will) or Letters of Administration (where a person dies without a will). Once this application is made then the deceased person’s estate can be dealt with. Applications are made to the Supreme Court of Victoria. There is a process to be followed and a number of legal documents to be drafted before an application can be made. Once the application has been made and granted then the assets of the deceased can be called in, properties sold, debts paid and distributions made to beneficiaries.

Our lawyers have gained extensive experience in deceased estates and are here to guide, support and assist you though this process.

Our lawyers take all the stress away from you by dealing with collection and distribution of your loved one’s estate once probate or letters of administration are granted.

Disputes and deceased estates

You may be in a position to make a claim against a deceased estate or you may want to protect the deceased estate from someone who should not benefit from a will. If you want to know about contesting a Will or protecting the wishes of the deceased contact us today. Do not delay as time is of the essence. There are time limitations when it comes to disputes over Wills and Estates.